Patients come to the Valley Infusion Center as an alternate to receiving intravenous therapies, lab work, or medication counseling in a hospital setting. The infusion center is conveniently located at the physician's office. Patients return to the office according to an individual treatment plan to have blood work drawn, intravenous catheter line placement, administration of medications and undergo evaluation by the nurse and physician. At infusion center visits, patients receive close monitoring to measure therapy outcomes.

  • Care plan oversight and counseling
  • Lab work monitoring
  • Preparation and administration of ordered medications and supplies
  • Intravenous line insertion
  • Central line catheter care
  • Patient Education

Our infusion suite is equipped with four comfortable recliners. The lighting is soothing and the room has an open, peaceful feel. Restrooms are handicapped accessible and close by. There is also a television and internet access available. Every accommodation is made to be flexible with patient scheduling needs. In the words of one of our IV patients, "the amenities are wonderful and the expertise outstanding. I wish all my medical encounters could be like this!"

Physician within the Infusion Center:

  • J. Gordon Burch, M.D.

Office hours are offered by appointment only. To be enrolled in our office-based infusion service, a patient must first be under the care of our physician. Referrals may be made by your primary doctor by calling (540) 527-2547.